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Not the usual

No idea who’s even still following me here but whatever, this one will be more for myself.

It’s been a crazy 7 days. It sounds extremely cliche but this week was such a roller coaster of emotion. So here we are on the 7th day, and God said it was good.

It’s hard for me to ever think of a time where I had to do something that caused such a conflict between my mind and heart. I know I did the right thing, but it doesn’t feel right. At least not yet. I’m so close to turning around and taking back everything I said but I know I can’t so I won’t. Or will I?

No, I’ve made my decision and stuck with it. I’m going to feel absolutely awful about it for a few days for the short term and then It’ll all work out. I will look back on this with confidence. I will have no regrets. I will not turn back. 

But I’m so weak now. Everything in my body tells me to go back and I don’t know if I have the strength to resist.

So I thank God now more than ever for the brothers that have kept me in check and supported me through my hardest of times. Thank you for these men that can speak truth into my life with sternness and love. Thank you for brothers that I can rely on. Thank you for brothers that care for and about me.

I will move past this and I won’t do it alone.

Everyone liked this song better than my last one. 

Watch and listen please! Reblog/share if you’d like (that’d be super cool of you)

P.S. Excuse the peaking near the end (5th takes are for chumps)

Merry Christmas

During a short walk through campus today, I ran into 5 people that I knew. 

Thank you God for friends

Love Like Fire


I was playing this song on guitar very intensely and singing my heart out.

When I awoke I realized I hadn’t heard this song in ages nor had I even thought about it.

Guess what I’m playing at night prayer this week.

sola gratia: Somebody's baby girl


Her nose faintly kisses the rough fabric of the curtain. Its stench, gathered from years of collecting stale dust, cheap cologne, and cigar smoke permanently laced into its stitching, penetrates her lungs. And even after these four long years of breathing in its aroma, it still manages to choke…

good writing hits home, great writing cuts deep

What is stopping you?

What is stopping you?